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Aesklos was the demonic minion of Surisha and an enemy of the Marvel superhero Tigra.

Aesklos was first observed in the modern era, being sent to Earth by Surisha in order to consume the life forces of others and bring them back to her to maintain her youth. The were-woman, Tigra, observed him killing Richard Diaz, but Aesklos escaped into a dimensional portal before she could follow. She again caught him in the act, killing Brock Hunter, and this time Tigra managed to follow him through a portal to the realm of Surisha. After he gave the life energy to Surisha, she sent him back to Earth, where Aesklos attacked Louis Edwards. While Aesklos was feeding on the soul of Edwards, Tigra attacked Surisha. Surisha summoned Aesklos back to her realm to defend her, but when he sensed her weakness, he was overcome by a predatory need to attack her, and he consumed her soul. With Surisha dead, Aesklos, due to their symbionic linkage, collapsed into dust.

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