Adwaita is a Geochelone Aerio in the Ben 10 series that mastered magic thousands of years ago.

He is an evil mystic being considered as the most powerful sorcerer in the universe. He was slightly mentioned and introduced in Where the Magic Happens and is responsible for the death of Spellbinder, Charmcaster's father.

Adwaita got a piece of the Map of Infinity in disguise) and reached the interdimensional world of Ledgerdomain. He got corrupted by the immense magical power the artifact possesses.

The inhabitants of Ledgerdomain, were forced to send Hex and Charmcaster, to Earth in order to keep them safe. While he did that, Adwaita murdered him and took control of Ledgerdomain. He had also enslaved most of the people of Ledgerdomain to do his bidding.

In The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2, Adwaita was seen in a flashback. He has a short appearance talking to Charmcaster in Charmed, I'm Sure. He has been turned into a stone minature along with Michael Morningstar  and is kept in Charmcaster's bag. Charmcaster is listening to his advice in her plans but is still confident that she is in control of him.


  • Adwaita's appearance and place of residence is reminiscent of the Marvel Comics Character Dormammu.