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Why are they cruel to a green colored creature like me?
~ Adu du

Adu Du is the main character of the Malaysian animated series BoBoiBoy. He was at first introduced as main antagonist, but once other villains that pose more dangerous threat to both him and protagonist, he wind up become ally for them in spite of having odds on each other. This effectively made him antihero of the series.


Adu Du is a Kubulus from Ata ta Tiga, a planet which dying due to his race's extremely developed civilization which unfortunately, resulted their planet reduced into wasteland. Prior to his exodus for searching other planets' cocoa, he found Probe, Kubulus' war machine prototype that dumped due to glitches that made him clumsy. The exodus for other planet with similar cocoa from his homeworld also driven with his rivalry with Ejo Jo, with the latter banished him.

At one point in his past, he also uncovered Ochobot, whom is on the run from Tengkotak Troops. He wished to reactivate him but lack of power to do so.



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Arrival on Earth

Odds against BoBoiBoy

Temporal Alliance With Fang

The Darkest Hour (Probe's Death and Ejo Jo's Attack)

Temporal Friendship

Restarting the Rivalry

Proposing Another Teamwork and Unexpected Enemy

Realized that Ejo Jo would come and fighting him may too much for him and Probe in spite of Probe's modifications with P.E.T.A.I.'s remains that made him stronger than before, he and Probe called for BoBoiBoy and his friend for the truce. BoBoiBoy and co. were skeptical with the claim about Ejo Jo's return until he revealed a facebook-like extraterrestrial social media that revealed Ejo Jo's supporters whom support Ejo Jo for his revenge, and to their horror, Ejo Jo arrived earlier than any of them expected. Once again, Ejo Jo revealed his new assets that had surprising hilarious name, this time reassembling mecha-like battle suit called S.A.M.B.A.L., caused everyone except Ejo Jo himself to laugh due to the name is synonymous with condiments.


  • Some of Adu Du's characteristic proved similar with Plankton from SpongeBob Squarepants series as:
    • Both are considered outcasts in their community.
    • Both happened to be enemies of protagonists whom aware with how dangerous they can be.
    • Both are very intelligent that can create various gadgets and inventions from scrap.
    • Both had female AI partners.

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