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They [Jews] call themselves German, but they are now, and have always been, unwelcome, unwanted, and they are everywhere! Invading our government. Stripping us of our savings. Raping our families and our heritage! I tell you friends, this is war. A war that is soon to turn! FOR THE INVADERS SHALL BECOME THE VICTIMS!!!
~ Hitler ranting in the 1920s

Adolf Hitler was an Austrian-born German soldier of World War I. He would eventually take over Germany and launch World War II and the Holocaust against the Jews.

Robert Carlyle portrayed him in Hitler: The Rise of Evil, which showed Hitler's rise to power. For the sake of audience filter, all the characters speak English instead of German.



  • Robert Carlyle, the actor who portrayed Hitler, is best known for portraying Rumplestiltskin in Once Upon a Time.

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