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Histeria Hitler
Our armies are not going fast enough, The Führer will be furious!
~ General

Adolf Hitler is the main antagonist of World War II, and the minor antagonist of Histeria!.


Hitler has red skin with devil horns, sharp teeth, nasty claws and a demonic voice.


Hitler first appeared only on the giant television while the General and the others complaining and worried about the army in the headquarters of Europe. Hitler ask the general why haven't his armies conquered the earth yet, the general said it's the Freedom League, because they keep getting in the way of Hitler's plans. The Freedom League crashed and came to arrest Hitler for atrocity and crimes against humanity. The Nazis and Freedom Leagues stars a war fight, except the Nazis wipe them out completely, but their Freedom League dog escaped and went to get help. The Nazis tied up the freedom leagues and ready to drop them in vat of the black boiling acid. Two of the Freedom Leagues appeared, rescued the others wipe out the Nazis and destroyed the headquarters leaving Hitler in disgrace of defeat.

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