A Kitten for Hitler

Adolf Hitler appears as the titular antagonist of the controversial dark comedy called "A Kitten for Hitler" - he is based on the infamous ruler of Nazi Germany but like all fictional depictions of the dictator he has slight variations in personality and appearance from the real-life figure.


The basic plot of the story is a young Jewish boy from Brooklyn watches a play in which Hitler appears and the audience react badly, asking his mother why nobody seemed to like Hitler she replied with that "no one will be buying Hitler anything for Christmas".

The boy takes it upon himself to go to Germany himself and presents the dictator with a kitten as a present, Hitler notices the boy is both Jewish and also has a swastika shaped birthmark - thus has the boy murdered and his skin turned into a lamp.

When the war ends the lamp is returned to the boy's mother and it is assumed Hitler suffered the same fate as his real-world counterpart in the bunkers during the end-stages of WWII.