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What do you want from me?
~ Hui Buh
What you took away from me: My possession. My glory. My. life!
~ Adolar, revealing his true face

Adolar or Daalor is the second main antagonist in the German comedy movie "Hui Buh".

He was portrayed by Nick Brimble and voiced by Kaspar Eichel.

Radio Play

In the radio play, Adolar is only said to be the knight who's responsible for the transformation of the knight Balduin into the ghost Hui Buh. Only in the CD "Hui Buh fährt Geisterkarussell" he's called Adolar for the first and last time.

In one CD from another radio play from Hui Buh which story's happen after the movie, he returns and forces another ghost to steal the ghost book which gives great powers to ghost. First, he awakes a dead army from death and forces them to attack the castle. He finally gets tricked by Hui Buh and is transformes into a bird which flies away. (The soldiers are brought back to their graves).


In the movie, Adolar is not responsible for the transformation, Balduin only said "I'll shall be cursed if I tricked you!". Afraid of Balduin's ghost form, Adolar went backwards to a window and fell lots of metres. Later, when king Julius CXI. burned Hui Buh's license for haunting, an officer from the Geisterbehörde (in engl: Ghost Office) called Daalor arrived and told him that he's got one night to reiterate the license test. When Hui Buh already did the theoretic part, Daalor appeared, took his mask off and revealed that he's actually the ghost of Adolar (Daalor is the anagramm of Adolar). Later, Julius' fiancee Etepetete revealed that she's Adolar's great-granddaughter and joined forces with her ancestor. Julius' castle was once in the hands of Adolar, but he lost it when he gambled it against Balduin. When he tried to get castle by ordering Etepetete to kill Julius (because ghosts can't kill humans), he's stopped and prisoned along with Etepetete by the real ghost-officers.