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Admiral Trench was a Harch male who served as a member of the Corporate Alliance sometime both before and during the Clone Wars. After the conflict had borken out, he joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems and served as an admiral of the Confederate Navy. A ruthless veteran and skilled military commander, Trench was feared by many and waged a strong campaign against the Galactic Republic and survived numerous deaths throughout his military career.


Early Career

The Andoan Wars

Trench was born in 221 BBY on the planet of Secundus Ando and began a military career sometime during the early stages of his life. Trench earned his reputation during the Andoan Wars where he lead lead his forces against the Andoan Free Colonies after his homeworld aligned itself witht he government of Ando. Trench had defended his homeworld against the colonies and would eventually lead numerous assaults against colony strongholds such as Horos Spine and Andosha. After the war ended in 39 BBY with the Battle of Raquish, Trench had came out as Ando's greatest military leader. However, his victory was a pyyrhic one as the Republic was forced to interveine and separate the two warring factions and saved the colonies which radicalized both Trench and the Andoan leadership.

Battle of Malastare Narrows

In the decade before the Clone Wars had began, Trench was a mercenary who was hired by the Corporate Alliance and served as a military commander for their naval forces where he attakced numeorus pirate settlements at Ord Namurt, Engira, and seized the Kurosti Merchant Fleet during a daring raid at Propsera Jang. In 34 BBY, Trench became the mastermind of the Battle of Malastare Narrows where he would make military history. The Corporate Alliance had blockaded Malastare to force the planet to negotiate over fuel allucations and Trench was given command over the fleet.

The fleet was eventually attacked by a group of privateers backed by the Republic and overseen by a young Wulf Yularen. During the battle, Trench had torn apart the privateers ships one by one and scared Yularen as he inflicted devestating losses onto his enemies. The battle seemed loss as Trench was killing off the privateers but the leadership of Jedi Knight Kep-She made sure that victory was possible and eventually was able ot destroy Trench's commandship and forced the Corporate Alliance to retreat. With Trench assumed dead when in reality, he survived. In 23 BBY a year before the Clone Wars, Trench's homeworld of Ando had become one of the first planets to secede from the Galactic Republic and join the newly formed Confederacy of Independent Systems with the Corporate Alliance joining as well.

Clone Wars

Blockade of Christophsis

Following the instigation of the Clone Wars, Trench had joined the Separatist Alliance and became an admiral of the Separatist military and a commander of the Confederate Navy. He resurfaced in 22 BBY during the Battle of Christophsis where he had the Separatist fleet blockade the planet after it fell during the Separatist takeover of numerous other worlds during the early stages of the war. He was tasked with supporting the Separatist invasion of the planet and eventually came into a fight when Anakin Skywalker commanded a small Republic fleet attempting to rescue Aldeeran Senator Bail Organa who was trapped on the planet's surface and was surrounded by the Separatist forces.

Trench had isolated Christophsis to prevent relief supplies from coming in and commanded the Separatist forces to engage the Republic fleet lead by Skywalker and lead them from onboard his flagship, the Invicible. He then used the heavy firepower of the cruiser to attack the Republic commandship and eventually forced the Republic forces to retreat after sustaining heavy damage. He then ordered the ship to recharge its shields and cannons so that they'd be prepared for when the Republic would launch a second assault. After some time waiting and no Republic response, Trench had decided to add pressure and ordered a small squadron of Hyena-class Bombers to fly down to the surface and attack Senator Organa's command post to pressure the Republic forces to come out of hiding and fight him once more. 

Trench would eventually be taken by surprise when he discovered that there was a small Republic stealth ship that was flying around the Separatist fleet and he ended up getting into a fight with the ship and found out that it was piloted by a Jedi (specifically Skywalker) because of the fight and manuvering tactics that the ship used which wasn't done by any ordinary clone pilot before. Eventually however, seeing that there wasn't any other way to break through the blockade without taking down Trench, the stealth ship, piloted by Anakin, engaged the Invicible in a dogfight and managed to trick its homing missils into following the ship and heading straight towards Trench's flagship and destroyed it while its ray shields were still charging and allowing the Republic to break throuh however, Yularen denied that Trench was dead and would eventually be right two years later.

Battle of Ringo Vinda

Two years later, Trench resurfaced again where he managed to survive Christophsis and recieved cybernetic enhancements as a result of the injuries he sustained from when his ship was destroyed. He appeared on Ringo Vinda where he had commanded the Spearatist forces in defending their posistion after the Republic launched a last-minute assault to break through Separatist lines which were making the battle a tactical stalemate for the two waring sides. During the battle, Trench called in for reinforcements as the Republic forces were breaking through and saw the final stand from his command center in the station orbiting the planet.

As he observed the battle, he noticed that one of the Jedi Commanders, Tiplar was killed by Clone Trooper Tup which caused the Republic strike team to lose momentum and eventually, they withdrew completely from the battle giving the Separatists a de-facot victory. Trench then looked at the footage and saw Tup shoot his Jedi commander and reported it to Count Dooku who ordered that he capture the clone and bring him into Separatist custody for further analyzing. He then ordered a small Separatist task force with capturing Tup and they succeeded before the Republic took him back.

Battle of Anaxes

Admiral Trench made one final appearance in 19 BBY during the final years of the Clone Wars where he lead the Separatist forces during the Battle for Anaxes where the Republic and Separatist forces fought over various battlefields across the planet of Anaxes. During the battle, Anakin Skywalker had attacked and boarded Trench's commandship and eventually stabbed him in the chest with his lightsaber which not even Trench could survive and was thus finally killed.


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