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Admiral Majin (魔人提督 Majin Teitoku?, 17-53): The second and final chief of the Neo-Shocker organization. He was the only Neo-Shocker member with no kaijin form. After his body was destroyed by Kamen Rider #2, Kamen Rider Stronger, and Skyrider's triple kick, his remaining cybernetic brain was squeezed into fine powder by the Great Leader himself who he failed for the last time. Apart from using a broadsword he can spray pink poison gas from his body, launch his robotic arms and legs to attack, and throw a lethal pair of fake teeth that slowly kills any cyborg hit by it. He is later unfortunately bit by those same teeth. Having tested the Great Leader's patience, Majin Teitoku pretends to pose as Hiroshi's lost father in a final gambit to kill him in a suicide bomb attack He is revived by Badan Empire in Kamen Rider Spirits vol. 8, confronting Skyrider in Mashu Lake. But eventually destroyed by Skyrider's Dragonfly Chute and crashing with Yamorijin.

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