The Adipose are a race of aliens made of human fat who appeared in the Doctor Who episode, "Partners in Crime".


The Adipose originally came from the planet Adipose 3. After the Adiposian First Family lost the nursery planet, they hired wet nurses in order to find new places to breed their offspring. On Earth, the wet-nurse Matron Cofelia set up Adipose Industries and disguised the Adipose seeds in the form of weight-loss pills, using humans as surrogates. The pill gained over a million customers quickly. When the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble discovered the alien secret behind the supposed diet pills, Matron Cofelia ordered the immediate birthing of all Adipose. The Adipose nursery ship collected the babies then ordered the death of "Miss Foster", as Cofelia was known, to remove any evidence, as breeding on a Level 5 planet was an illegal act under the Shadow Proclamation.

They later returned in the episode "Turn Left" where while in a parallel world created for Donna by the Time Beetle, the March of the Adipose occurred in the United States. 60,000,000 people were killed and converted into Adipose.

An Adipose also made a cameo in "The End of Time" at a bar where the Tenth Doctor came to visit Jack Harkness one last time before his regeneration.


  • Adipose is (in reality) fat tissue of the human body, which is what the Adipose are named after. The real adipose is mentioned in the scientific explanation Miss Foster presents.