Cheese und Crackers!

"Yine! Die Straffein, Die Staffine!" Tomanian for: "Yes! The Glory, The Glory!

Adenoid Hynkel was the Dictator of Tomania (Based on Germany) and Leader of the Nami Party of the Double Cross in the Charlie Chaplin film The Great Dictator. He is played by Chaplin along with the main character "A Jewish Barber" who resembles him.

A Great Dictator

After the end of the Great War of Tomania, and sometime after the main character had been placed in a military hospital, the revolution that had broken out had come to an end. The Nami (National Mini-Socialist) party came to power, lead by Adenoid Hynkel. He set up a Dictatorship government, robbed the Jews of nearly all their rights, forcing them to live in ghettos. He made the flag and anthem of Tomania the same as that of the Nami party and re-armed the nation to the point of all society being based around the re-arming. Hynkel esatablished a diplomatic friendship with the Nation of Bacteria (Based on Italy), also a Dictatorship and using a short notice fund, he invaded the nation of Osterlich (Based on Austria) During this time, in order to disarm suspicion he went duck hunting but over turned the boat and climed ashore. At which point, not regocnisable to his own soldiers was arrested and taken to one of his own concentration camp. Around this time, the Jewish Barber had escaped the same concentration camp with Ex-Commander Shultz in officer's uniform. Because the Barber looked so much like the Dictator, everyone thought that it actually was him. The Barber, unaware of what was happening, ended up replacing Hynkel although no one knew what had happened. He gave a speech in marked contrast to Hynkel's and spoke of rights, equality and democracy. Although the film ended here, it can safely be assumed that the Tomanian hierarchy would realize that this was in fact not Hynkel and probably rescue the real Dictator to put him back in office, however this is a mere guess.

Personality and Traits

Hynkel was an irritable man. He could not tolirate failure, often attacked Herr Herring, his Marshal and threw his medals across the room when he failed at even the smallest tasks. He was also very cynical man, when shown new inventions made by his scientific division he always expected their failure and was comomly right. Although he did have a darker side, and nearly had an affair with his secretery. Suffering from Megalomania and having a strong belief aryan supramacy he tried to make other people respect him. This commonly worked, but there were few such as the Jews and Benzino Napaloni, Dictator of Bacteria.