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Adele Botsford

Adele Botsford is a one-shot villainess from Diagnosis Murder. She appeared in Season Five's "Drill For Death."

She was played by Sally Kellerman.

Adele Botsford is a divorced nurse working at Community General during an emergency drill. She was married to a rich cardiologist, but split from him due to his numerous affairs; one of them being with ruthless nursing adminstrator Karin Hatcher. In the divorce settlement, Adele was left with no money, and only with a number of priceless paintings by famous eccentric artist Martin Beckman, who disappeared 12 years prior and resurfaced at the hospital undergoing chemo treatments under the name Art Amador.

Once Adele recognized Martin, she knew that the value of his paintings would vastly decrease due to him being alive. With that knowledge, Adele killed Martin by smothering him with a pillow. Adele's evil deed was witnessed by Karin, which led to Adele killing her by bludgeoning her with a water pitcher. Adele was caught when charcoal stains were found on her uniform at episode's end. After being revealed as the killer, Adele claimed that she didn't want to kill Martin, but she had no choice. She also referred to Karin as her friend, though it could be suggested that killing her was not only done to protect herself, but as revenge over Karin sleeping with Adele's husband. Adele was later arrested for double murder.


  • Sally Kellerman previously appeared on Diagnosis Murder three seasons prior in the episode, "Woman Trouble, but not as a villainess.

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