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Adelbert is a very rich and very spoiled kid bully, and the main antagonist from the 1932 Mickey Mouse cartoon, Mickey's Good Deed.

He is first seen crying, throwing temper tantrums, and refusing all the expensive toys that his father and the butler have been trying to give him. Then, upon hearing Pluto's howling, Adelbert walks over to the window and peers outside. Upon seeing Pluto, Adelbert decides that he wants Pluto.

After his father buys Pluto from Mickey, Adelbert soon tortures, harasses and treats Pluto badly. He throws expensive toys, items and foods at Pluto, his father and the butler. Eventually, at last, no longer able to take it anymore, his father has had enough of Adelbert's vandalism and cruelty to Pluto, so the butler throws Pluto out the front door along with a turkey that Adelbert tied to Pluto's tail. Finally, his father drags him onto his knee, pulls his pants down and spanks him for not treating Pluto right and ruining their home, much to Pluto's delight.

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