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We meet at last.
~ Adam

Adam also know as The Eye of Adam is the main antagonist of the indie game, The Cat Lady. He is a crippled internet troll and secretely a serial killer whose modus operandi is to tempt his victims into commiting suicide.


According to Susan's friend, Mitzi Hunt, someone had encouraged her boyfriend's suicide via an online forum about death. This person was another user going by the same of "Eye of Adam", who was in reality, a crippled man living in an apartment. Adam is first seen in person during Chapter 7, in which he is visited by Susan Ashworth and Mitzi Hunt. The player has the choice to achieve a long awaited revenge and kill him or simply leaving him be.


  • Adam is the portrayal of real life internet trolls responsible for the deaths of many suicidals around the world.
    • In addition, Adam seems to be based on real life budding serial killer and attempted mass murderer Dr. Kiriyu also know as Dr. Death.
  • Adam has the hability to control his room and his apartment by a computer controlled by his eyeball, which is the only part of his body he is able to move.
  • In his room, there are images of unknown people, which disturbingly could very possibly be his victims.
  • Despite only killing people online, he managed to kill Susan, Mitzi and his own father with a poison gas trap.

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