Adam is the original Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, and Kit's Ventara counterpart, who betrayed the other Kamen Riders venting them while in suspended animation (save for Kase and Len) in order to help Xaviax take over Ventara. Adam wanted to retire from being a Kamen Rider after Eubulon disappeared, which Xaviax promised to do after venting the other Riders. Not wanting to fight anymore after betraying his fellow Riders, he secludes himself with Sarah in an illusion created by Xaviax until he is called upon again after all the Riders but Len are vented. his serves as a strong contrast to his Earth counterpart, Kit Taylor. He is the anti hero of the TV show Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.


In spite the fact that Adam and Kit not so different with each other(Kase was once comments that the way Kit disgruntled with his usefulness with his fellow good Raiders become questioned), what greatly difference him with his Earth counterpart is his weak heart, naive personality, and less responsible that both allow Xaviax to easily manipulating him to his cause and worse, hindered him from taking best decisions when he was given clear choices. This was shown when he met Xaviax for the first time, Adam immediately followed his deceptive suggestions to free his fellow Ventaran Riders from their duty both against their consent and without considering whether it was the right thing to do or not. This obviously opposes with Kit when he faces similar situation: When Xaviax asked him to vent Len in exchange of his father's restoration, Kit, whom at that time had strain relationships with Len out of questioned by Kase regarding his role against Xaviax's forces as Kamen Rider, chooses to forget the Big Bad's tempting offer and talked with Len and Kase about it instead of give in to the said offer. Not only that, instead of immediately attempted to set things right when realized that Xaviax tricked him, Adam secluded himself and Sara within illusion out of shame.

In spite of his actions deemed disastrous and extreme that both Len and Kit believed that he turned against them out of pure spite, it must be noted that Adam is not truly a malicious betrayer. He was torn between his duty as Kamen Rider and normal life with Sara and is troubled to balance it out unlike Kit whom had stronger and better resolve. The trauma of his past betrayal, combined with his weak heart but his weak heart made it difficult for him to get strong resolve to redeemed himself. Finally, in his final attempt to betray the Riders, he reduced into emotional wreck whom asked to be punished for his crimes.


Like the Earth Riders, he was tricked by Xaviax but since then, his betrayal weighed heavily on him. In order to keep his secret safe, he is assigned to befriend Len and Maya, who is the temporary Siren, and keep them from destroying more of his devices. He destroys a monster attacking Len hoping to get back his trust saying that Xaviax had tricked him. But Len is not easily swayed as both trigger their Survive Modes. Adam attempts to use his Final Vent in retaliation but runs away.

Following the return of three of his fellow Ventaran Riders, he tries to gain back the trust of Hunt, Kamen Rider Axe, who threatens to vent him following a battle against Xaviax's monsters. Xaviax, fed up with his failure to infiltrate the Riders, sends monsters to attack Maya which Adam attempts to save. He later meets up with his mirror twin Kit Taylor who berates him for betraying the other Riders. Adam argues that Xaviax tempted him with something more important than Kit's offer.

This explodes between a battle between the two mirror twins as Kit, as Onyx, fights Adam and overpowers him until Eubulon shows up. Eubulon allows Adam to explain why he betrayed the other Riders but the others are not interested in what the traitor wants to say. Eventually, Adam does prove his worth and helps the other Kamen Riders stop Xaviax. After the final battle with Xaviax, Adam decides to retire from being a Kamen Rider, and Eubulon gives his Advent Deck to Kit.



  • Stephen Lunsford who portrays Adam, also portrays the lead role of Kit Taylor.
  • He shares his name with Black Power Ranger Adam Park. Coincidentally, the latter's actor, Johny Yong Bosch, is the voice of Dragon Knight and Onyx in the video games.
  • Adam is the only Ventaran Rider to have met and even confront his Earth twin.
  • To help differentiate Adam with Kit, Adam was portrayed to wore clothings that primarily black in color and since his debut, the filmmakers had Kit's outfits remained consistent where Kit's outfit when he was banished to Advent Void officially become his casual outfit.