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Before Adam? Not a man among us can remember.
~ ~Adam, when asked who he used to be

Season 4



"what does that do?" ~ young boy (motioning to Adam's arm spike)

-smirks- ~ Adam (scene goes to dark)

Adam was a major antagonist of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series and was a Frankenstein's monster type villain who sought to spark a war between humans and demons so as to harvest the bits and pieces left over and create an army of cybernetic demon-hybrids similiar to himself . He served as the "Big Bad" of a storyarc involving a military-based organization that was formed to combat supernatural evils but were clearly corrupt, Adam being the ultimate result of said corruption. He served as the main antagonist of Season 4.

Despite his evil goals Adam was seen as a master of manipulation with a talent for words, so much so that he was able to get a large number of demons and vampires to work together despite the two traditionally being enemies - he was also very keen to ensure that Buffy was present when the war between humans and demons was sparked so that she would help even out the number of human to demon corpses before she was killed. He murders many people throughout the series and makes them into cyborgs for his army including the scientist who created him and Reilly's friend Forrester, he faces off against Buffy for the final battle, later he is eventually killed when Buffy recieves a power boost from her friend Willow and she becomes super powerful and tears out Adam's heart killing him.

Powers and Abitlies

Adam was super strong and had many powers, both cybernetic and demonic. These powers included, but were by no means limited to, an arm that turned into both a machine gun and a rocket launcher, another arm that had a bone stinger on it, the ability to sense when reality changed, a uranium power core, the ability to absorb electricity, and a computer brain.


  • Adam had a ruthless personality that was a cold fusion of man, machine and demon - which was highlighted in a scene where he was heavily implied to have killed a young boy that expressed curiosity as to what his bone stinger did.
  • Adam's ultimate goal was to erase both human and demon, replacing them with creatures like himself.
  • One of Adam's first acts upon becoming aware of the world was to brutally murder his creator, Professor Maggie Walsh - who was later revived as a cyber-demon.

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