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The'''Acrocanthosauruses''', are the main antagonists in the book, Raptor Red.


The? Acrocanthosauruses first prominent role, is when Raptor Red, the books protagonist,? and her small pack survives a flood. The casulties of the flood provides food for both the raptors and the? Acros.? The first? clash between? the pack and the Acros is when one of Red's nieces runs off and is cornered by the an Acro, but is saved by Red's? potential mate. However, he presence of the much larger Acros drives them away to a beach. Later on, the Acros follow the same suit, but Raptor Red is able to kill a female acro by luring it close to the sea, allowing a? Kronosaurus? that Red had encountered earlier to kill the Acro. They are later mentioned once more at the ending, since they have begun living in the mountains, like Red and her pack. They are, however, not a threat by that point since Red's pack had grown considerably bigger.