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Ace Hardlight is the secondary antagonist in Ratchet: Deadlocked. He was a former Zoordoom prisoner and champion of DreadZone.


Early life

Ace Hardlight was from an orphanage on the planet Bolden 3. He eventually became part of the superhero group Sonic 7.


Hardlight was taken by Gleeman Vox and has been killing many heroes such as Captain Starshield. He was the highest ranking contestant and became the leader of The Exterminators.

Odd Popularity

Fall And Redemption

Ace Hardlight is ready to defeat Ratchet at the Liberator Tournament. Even though Ratchet defeated Hardlight, people scapegoated Ratchet for killing Ace Hardlight.

Zordoom Prison

After he left the DreadZone station, he was sent to Zordoom prison and was known as Inmate #510D.

Escape From Prison


  • "This is as far as you go, Lombax. I am the star around here."
  • "You little're gonna pay for that!!!"


  • Voiced by Andre Soguilzzlo.

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