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Ace Gecko

Ace Gecko

Ace Gecko is one of the villains from the hit Netflix Series Turbo F.A.S.T. He first appeared in the episode Ace of Race where Chet was doing his saftey patrol and noticed a crowd around Ace Gecko. When Chet heard Ace making an insult about the Fast Action Stunt Team . They later made a bet during a saftey race by carrying a bird egg. But when a snail crossed in front of Chet, Ace had already won and Chet lost his ambulance shell Then Ace made another bet to get Chet's shell back by holding their breath in a fountain Chet lost again and Chet lost Turbo's shell. Ace then mad a deal to Turbo to get his shell back. But White Shadow warned everybody that Ace and the same snail that crossed the road were working together so that Turbo wins everyone will lose their tomatos. Later at sundown the race was on but Turbo pushed him acrossed the track and Ace called the bets off. But Whiplash saw that the snail Breakneck who crossed the road was the true villain behind all this.

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