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The Acceraptor, often nicknamed Slasher, is a fictional species of dinosaur which serves as the recurring antagonists in the TV series, Terra Nova. They are usually dormant during the day, but are vicious pack hunters at night.



After going in the woods, a group of teens, including Josh, are attacked by Acceraptors. The group manages to take refuge in an armored vehicle abandoned by the Sixers. In the attack, many of the teenagers get injured and they finally leave the armored vehicle. Eventually, Jim and some others comes to their rescue.

The Runaway


In this episode, it is revealed that Leah's father was killed by as Acceraptor.


The Acceraptors are briefly mentioned in this episode.


In this episode, the Acceraptors are suspected to have killed an unidentified body. However, it is revealed after an autopsy that he has being shot.

Now You See Me

While Mira and Taylor face each other in the jungle, they are attacked by a couple of Acceraptors. Taylor shoots at them with the sonic rifle, with little effects. He and Mira finally flee and manage to escape them by jumping over a waterfall. However, the Acceraptors continue to track them and they attack them again during the following night. Taylor and Mira eventually manage to make them flee by using fire and rudimentary spears.

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