The Abzorbaloff is an alien monster who appeared in Doctor Who and acted as the sole antagonist of the episode, "Love & Monsters". He is presumably related to Raxacoricofallapatorians. As is implied by the monster's name it can absorb living beings into itself, gaining their memories and knowledge as a result - his victims retain some awareness for up to two weeks after being absorbed, giving him a truly horrific appearance as the faces of his victims are still visible, however after a few weeks they are fully absorbed into his form.

However, in order to keep his power from going out of control, the Abzorbaloff had to rely on a limitation-field (disguised as a cane) to stop the collected souls from tearing his own form apart.



The Abzorbaloff disguised as Victor Kennedy.

Disguising himself as a wealthy socialite named Victor Kennedy, the Abzorbaloff recruited the services of LINDA (a group of friends who investigated the Doctor) in order to find the Doctor so he could absorb him.

The Abzorbaloff planned on absorbing the Doctor into his form to gain the vast memories and knowledge a Time-Lord would possess but was defeated when the Doctor used his empathic skill to rouse the many trapped souls within Abzorbaloff to fight back against their tormentor.

As the Abzorbaloff struggled to contain the rebelling souls he dropped his cane, which was promptly snapped - destroying his limitation-field and thus the monster melted into nothingness as his powers went completely out of control.