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Abysslasher Mirror Kaijin


Abysslasher (アビスラッシャー Abisurasshā?, 27, 43-44): A Shark monster with two saw-like swords and water-spewing abilities. It targeted a child named Takuya. Knight's Duplicates Abysslasher vs Knight and his duplicates. Destroyed by Knight Survive's Shippu Dan. Abysslasher appeared in Shinji's dream during the Hyper Video special, destroyed by Ouja's Veno Crash.

Kamen Rider Decade

He is one of Kamen Rider Abyss' two Contract Monsters. Kamen Rider Abyss' Final Vent enables Abysshammer and Abysslasher to combine into a giant shark called Abyssodon (アビソドン Abisodon?) which is when it is destroyed by Decade and Ryuki Dragreder.

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