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The Abyss Demons

The Abyss demons.

The Abysses (アビッセス, Abissesu) (also called the Abysse (アビシーウ, Abishiiu) or the Abyss (アビス, Abisu) in plural) are malevolent high-class demons from the Demon World and enemies in Devil May Cry 3. They behaves similarly to the Hells, but ithey are much stronger.

Dante fought these scythe-wielding demon warriors that dwell in the demonic underworld's Room of the Fallen, an area where his twin brother Vergil later fought a lost battle against the devil prince himself, Mundus.


The Abyss is a high-ranking lesser demon from the deepest levels of the netherworld that manifests through blood. Because it uses blood as its medium, it can materialize and liquefy at will.

Powers and Abilities

Each Abyss demon acts mostly like the Hell Lust demons. It is also able to throw a ball of fire when swinging its magic-imbued scythe, which it has been used to murder many heroes. As a creature of blood, like the Blood-goyles, it is easily frozen by Cerberus. When they are catapulted backward by a knockback-inducing attack (e.g. Stinger), they will backflip and perform a dashing slash like a Hell Lust demons. However, they're vulnerable to attacks that knock them airborn (e.g. High Time, Whirlwind) despite that they materialize from liquid.

When they fall, one can use Real Impact and Tornado to quickly finish them off. Alternatively, one can use the same moves when they block, as they won't move away from Real Impact's striking range or liquefy and Real Impact can break almost any defense.



  • The designs and appearance of the Abyss  demons appear to be based on the Malebranche, a group of demons who guarded the infamous Malebolge in The Divine Comedy. Their duty was to guard the souls of politicians guilty of Simony by forcing them to be submerged within boiling pitch. Given how the Abyss are emerged within a lake of water filled with broken statues, this is likely a reference to the Malebranche. The Malebranche are also depicted with large pitch forks used to torture the politicians much like how the Abyss uses pitchforks in combat.
  • Despite being a higher-leveled demon than the Hell Envy demons, the Abyss are somewhat more vulnerable to airborn-inducing attack than the lower-leveled demons.

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