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The Abyssal Fleet are the monstrous group of enemy ships and the main antagonists of Kantai Collection series.

They are opponents faced by the player's fleet. The print spin-offs put forward the idea that they are an alien menace, and what's more are utterly hostile to humanity as a whole, plaguing the world's shipping lanes with unprovoked attacks.

While popular fan theory posits that the Abyssals, particularly its more humanoid members, are actually just turned Fleet Girls like ship-ships, hints in the Summer 2014/Aleutians-Midway Event add even more speculation fuel as it has obliquely hinted through their lines that the Midway Princess and the Carrier Princess are dark reflections of Akagi and Kaga, respectively. The 2014 Fall Event in Western New Guinea implies that Aircraft Carrier Water Oni is Shoukaku's dark side.

List of Enemy Ships

Normal Enemies



Musical Themes

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