Abominations are zombie-like enemies in Madness: Project Nexus, first appearing in stage [1.5-C]. They are mutated and deformed creatures with several pieces of flesh cut from their bodies, making several of their muscles visible. At first their arms will be strapped to their torsos with belts, but when their health is reduced to half they break loose, allowing them to grab onto other characters.

At first, the Abominations attacked anyone who was not of their kind, such as zombies, agents, Riot Guards, Sleepwalker Patients, and Dr. Christoff. In the final level, Phobos regains control of the Nexus, causing the Abominations to focus their aggression solely on Dr. Christoff.

Mag Agent: Gestalt

Mag Agent: Gestalt is a giant abomination appearing at the end of [1.5-C]. is present. Gestalt attacks any non-Abomination characters like agents and the player, either pounding foes or body slamming them.

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