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Doctor Abigail Finn is a villain from the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. She was a professional monster hunter and expert technologist and biologist who had a TV show called the Monster Hunter, along with her robot orbs and her assistant Parker. Several people don't take her seriously and think she's crazy.


In her first and only appearance in the TMNT 2003 Series "Monster Hunter", She comes to Jones' farm to hunt and capture the green monsters (the Turtles) after Casey's neighbor caught Mikey on video in his backyard, but the footage was unclear. Don and Mikey tried to get the footage from her, but they accidentally set off a trap, but they got out before Dr. Finn saw them. Mikey, Don, and Casey dressed themselves up as the famous Green Man to scare away Finn, but the Green Man was real and Abigail captured it and called the press. The Turtles managed to swap the Green Man with Casey and acquired the tape. When the press showed up, Casey accused her of harassment and insane behavior and Finn's reputation was ruined as a result.