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Aber Rindt

Aber Rindt is overall a shrewd military man that hides behind power to compensate for his small courage. His confidence and bravery is relative to the success rate of a mission. When he is at a advantage, he displays much bravado, carrying a narcissistic attitude, showing-off, and belittles those he feel inferior to him. However, when things go bad, he is quick to cower and expects those under his command to help him in desperate situations. He often relies on the talents of other people to help him succeed in his career, but shows no appreciation for those under his command. Being a shrewd survivalist and tactician, he always make sure to attack the enemy in overwhelming force to ensure victory; however he often underestimates his enemies. He's a poor tactician as he lacks imagination and foresight beyond the scope of his own strategies.

He was killed by the Gundams

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