Abel Cuvier

Abel Cuvier is the main antagonist in the Batman Beyond episode Splicers. He was a genetic scientist who developed the practice known as splicing.


Rather than use his ground breaking work for the betterment of mankind Cuvier used it to start a trend to alter Gotham's youth, whether they wanted to or not. Cuvier also had three people into spliced minions; King Cobra, Ramrod, and Tigress. After Batman learned of Cuvier's plans of having his minions kill the District Attorney, he ended up getting captured by Cuvier and his minions. Instead of killing him, Cuvier injected Batman with bat DNA. The Bat DNA would slow turn Batman into a hybrid of man and bat. Despite this, Batman was able to rescue the DA from the three spliced minions. However, the bat DNA was starting to take effect as he began to turn into a man/bat hybrid. Thankfully Bruce Wayne was able to save Terry and extract the bat DNA. The two then decided that Cuvier needed to be stopped. So Bruce Wayne gave Terry a few Splice cures, so he could cure the three minions and Cuvier. After Batman managed to cure the three minions, he went after Cuvier. However, Cuvier injected himself with several animal DNA, including a Snake a hawk and a tiger, becoming what he considers a chimera. Both Cuvier and Batman fought each other, with Cuvier having the upper hand. Batman then decided to inject Cuvier with multiple animal DNA. This caused Cuvier to go through unstable mutation. After a long and grueling battle Batman, with the help from Ace the dog was able to defeat Cuvier by blowing up his facility. However it's unknown what happened to Cuvier. It's unknown if he was killed in the explosion, or he survived.


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