Abel is a villain of Fairy Tail. He is a member of Avatar.


Abel is a short guy who looks like a clown and carries Mr. Cursey for battles.


Like the other members Abel appears during the meeting. When Jerome and Briar suspect Gray for a traitor he doesn't cares, since all he wants is having fun. When Natsu and Lucy appear, he is the first one to confront them and is taken out by Natsu with a single hit. When Mary incapacitates Lucy, he uses Mr. Cursey to control Happy.

During "Operation Purification" when Jerome takes on Erza, Abel along with D-6 remain on the field. After Natsu destroys Ikusa-Tsunagi Abel rather than telling others to stay he suggest to escape and is short after token out by Gajeel who takes Mr. Cursey from him and arrests him.