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Abdulla's Grandmother is the main antagonist of the Chick Tract "The Sky Lighter".

The Sky Lighter

She is the grandmother of Abdulla, the main protagonist of the tract. When he was born, she took him in after her daughter-in-law died in childbirth, and tried to teach him about his destiny in life as being a suicide bomber, and was trying to mold him into a "great" warrior so that he could bring death to the infidels in the United States. Abdulla's grandmother is shown as being very fanatical, and very bloodthirsty because it claimed in the Qu'ran that the Muslim's goal in life was to kill as many people as humanly possible, and then go to Heaven by blowing themselves up. She also told Abdulla that his father was in a United States prison because he tried to ignite a bomb to kill his enemies prior to this tract, and that his father would be proud of his son for taking part in sending death to America's residents.

Later on in the tract, Abdulla met with his friend Yusuf, and Yusuf tried to convince his best friend that killing plenty of people won't get him into Heaven, and there was an alternative way to go to Heaven that didn't involve suicide bombing. However, Abdulla's grandmother was overhearing Yusuf's words, and threatened to kill him for "poisoning" Abdulla's mind with words that were going against their doctrines. She chases Yusuf away, and reminds Abdulla of his mission, and as a result, Abdulla forgets everything that his friend taught him. Abdulla succeeds in killing a lot of Americans, and is then sent to be punished in Hell for his crimes. It's unknown what became of his grandmother after he committed suicide, though it's most likely that she'll be going to Hell as well in the near future.