Abby Biggs

Abby Biggs was one of the main villainesses from "If Looks Could Kill," a Season Five episode of CSI: Miami.

She was played by Joelle Carter.

Abby Biggs was a junior partner for J.A. Models, an agency for male models. She and her senior partner, Janet Sterling, were also cohorts in a murderous scheme; placing insurance policies on their clients and having them killed to collect the financial benefits. Their spree began by accident; one of their models died while in a sauna, and when they saw the payout ($2 million to be exact), they decided to do the same to their other clients.

During an interrogation, Abby was informed by Calleigh that Janet put out a $6 million life insurance policy on her, and after learning this, Abby confronted Janet and shot her to death. Before killing Janet, Abby received a set a lip gloss from Janet, and she was putting it on her lips while she was being interrogated regarding Janet's murder. Unbeknownst to Abby, Janet laced the lip gloss with arsenic, and she succumbed to the effects and died during her interrogation.