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Abaddon is a powerful demon of Christian tradition who is also known by his alternative name of Apollyon - he is described as the "great destroyer" or "place of destruction" and has come to be described by some scholars as a living embodiment of the medieval belief of an everlasting Hell.

In many works Abaddon is also associated with the angel of Death and a divine (or infernal) tool of destruction.

In most texts that deal with him Abaddon is amongst the most feared of the supernatural beings - having both angels, demons and corporeal beings fearing his very name.

Abaddon is also more akin to a force of nature than a living being, as is evident by the fact his name can also refer to a portion of Hell where sinners are said to be surrounded by snow and fire.

In the Revelation chapters, Abaddon is said to be released from the bottomless pit, which is a passageway to Hell, to command his army of demonic locusts to torment humanity who were still alive during the Tribulation, which will occur during the end times. Abaddon and his demonic army of locusts were forbidden to harm any plant or kill any human but their stings will drive their human victims to commit suicide but their nerves will be numbed down by their stings, making them unable to kill themselves.

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