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Abaddon is the name given to the Assimilator, a main character in In Torment III and secondary antagonist of In Torment 4. Born from Jackson Wilkerson's rape of Natalie Sutton, Jackson was carrying Enki's seed, which birthed Enki's child.

Created to end humanity at the end of Enki's cycle, it has the ability to devour and use matter, both biological and abiotic, to its will, growing and changing with each feast. Both Jackson and Enki see it as their child, with Natalie obviously rejecting the monstrosity.

Abaddon would have become a god as he grew more powerful and would have become Enki's successor, replacing him on the pantheon as Enki planned to fade into eternal sleep.



When first delivered to Michael, the assimilator was a four inch skinless fetus, with its head being a completely revealed skull. The rest of the baby's skeleton was pressing against its skin- which was later confirmed as an exoskeleton. A small two inch tail with a serrated metal end was between the legs of the baby, but it was not sharp. From the baby's skin, it excreted a strange goo substance, which was extremely thick and sticky.

After assimilating a large portion of Jonah's corpse, Abaddon was next seen in what would be referred to as his infantile stage. Now three feet tall (if standing bipedally) and bearing a full mouth of shard teeth, the infant's tail was now tipped with a hypodermic-needle shaped shard of bone, which was several inches long. Abaddon from this stage forward is able to walk on both two legs, and four legs.

Not seen again until the events of In Torment 4, Abaddon had grown an extreme amount. Standing in a hunched bipedal position, Abaddon now was nine feet tall when fully erect. He freely switched between bipedal and quadrupedal movement at this stand, depending on needed speed. The body was distorted, with the flesh shredded all over, hanging down like cloth. The stomach looked caved in, as if it was starved- even though that was not the case. Its eyes glowed blue, which conflicted with the skinless, revealed-muscle body. Both the hands and feet were paired with claws, each claw being inches in length.

The head was still a revealed skull, now bearing two large horns and two small horns in front of them.. The nose was simply two holes, and the mouth was filled with teeth so large and distorted that they still sat over the lips when the mouth was closed, said to look like split tree branches. The tail was now almost as long as Abaddon himself, still ending in the needle-like weapon. Sporting metal spiked running from the base of the neck to the end of the tail, He was topped off with a pair of bird-like wings with glistening white feathered.

Later, Abaddon assimilates parts he does not need (wings, legs even) to transform himself into a more combat-suited form. Transforming into a centipede-like segmented creature with long arms that reached the whole way to the floor, his mouth split into a maw with four forcipules leading to his twisted mouth. He also picked up the ability to use his assimilating acid as a projectile weapon as he hid in the shadows. Each centipede-esque leg ended in a sharp point, and the mass collection of the limbs allowed for very fast travel, among clinging on to walls.

Assimilation process

The Assimilation process begins when Abaddon vomits/expels white bacterial acid from its stomach. Upon contacting matter, the bacterial acid begins to liquefy it. Abaddon then sucks up this liquid- and any of the liquefied matter- back into his stomach. Once the matter enters his body, assimilation cells carry the matter and shape it into whatever Abaddon wishes.

The assimilation works in a 1:1 formula. For instance: to create a three inch iron spike on his back, Abaddon will need to assimilate three inches worth of iron into his body.

Within the Hellmouth, Michael and Natalie stumbled across a hallway of corpses that Abaddon visited to devour. It is possible this hallway was created by Enki and filled with his victims as to feed Abaddon and strengthen him through the matter he assimilated.

Origin and Appearances

The Assimilator was created as a result of Enki granting Jackson his seed. Jackson eventually raped Natalie (attempted in In Torment, succeeded in In Torment in Hell), which resulted in her becoming pregnant. Not wanting to bear the child of her rapist and the killer of Joseph, her best friend, she was planing to abort it one month later. Mendes instead offered to take the child away from her and strip her of her pregnancy. When he did so, Enki caught wind and transported the child to Michael Asher. Due to how damaged Mendes appears to be when he next encounters Michael, it is very possible to two deities fought over this child's fate.


The Events of In Torment 3

Whilst in the shower, Mendes came to her, having accepted Dread's philosophy and turning against Enki- though he did not tell Natalie this. Mendes instead offered to take the child away from her and strip her of her pregnancy. When he did so, Enki caught wind and transported the child to Michael Asher. Due to how damaged Mendes appears to be when he next encounters Michael, it is very possible to two deities fought over this child's fate.

The baby was hidden in a coat upon being delivered, as Michael knew he would have to kill Jonah if he found out about the baby. Jonah eventually found out, which led to Michael slicing his throat with his machete. The baby devoured a good portion of Jonah's corpse, which allowed him to enter his infantile stage.

Michael began his drive to Tutelo through Panthalassa to get Natalie (after a confrontation with Mendes), but was eventually stopped to confront Mendes once more. During this fight, Michael was beginning to become overcome by the god, but Abaddon showed that he had his father's powers in some way or another by revoking Mendes' godhood with a single growl. Instead of killing Mendes, Michael banished him to the Hellmouth to be imprisoned, sparing him from nonexistence, but giving him imprisonment.

Upon reaching Natalie, Michael pulled her into Panthalassa, which brainwashed her. The Assimilator was cradled in its mother's arms, as she was brainwashed into caring for the child. Both Natalie and the Assimilator were sent to Hellmouth, which was constructed specifically for raising the child.

The Events of In Torment 4

Natalie had been brainwashed into taking car of Abaddon from within the Hellmouth, until Dread and Michael formatted a plan to save her. This obviously angered Abaddon, whom is first seen when he chases Michael and Natalie down a hallway, until they exit via a hole in the ground.

The next time Abaddon is seen after the death of Mendes, devouring many corpses from a pit of bodies. This is where Michael and Natalie get their first good look at the modern version of the child, whom apparently notices them. Abaddon pretends to leave, but instead loops around and bashes through a wall in the room behind them, where they run from him once more.

Abaddon is not seen again until Michael is informed that Abbadon has been shifting the Hellmouth to prevent their escape- which leaves only one course of action.

Michael found Abaddon in the room ahead, approaching him slowly, not wanting to do what had to be done. Abaddon asked if he was here as a friend or foe, to which Michael reluctantly responded he was a foe. After some reasoning, Abaddon prepared for conflict. Michael first fired upon him with his 30 yacht 6, which caused very visible damage. Abaddon began to shift into a form more suited for combat, a centipede-esque form with move mobility and attack capability. Michael did not attack him during this period of time, as he knew Abaddon didn't deserve that sort of death- after all, he was simply a child wanting his mother, in his own mind.

After a long, emotion al fight between the two former companions, Michael switched to his machete and ended up severing the child midway down his body, slicing between his segments. The child fell to the ground in two halfs. Abaddon once more asked if Michael was his friend before death, to which Michael assured him he still was.

The death of Abaddon, much moreso than his conflict with Dread, is what caused Enki to officially become uncaring towards humanity, agreeing never to meddle with it again- be it good or bad. He instead gave power over humanity to Leviathan ( Jackson Wilkerson ), and the exit to the Hellmouth appeared across from Abaddon's corpse.


  • Abaddon is only referred to as The Assimilator/The Child during In Torment III, much like Enki is only referred to as The Tormentor in In Torment.
  • Abaddon shares his name with the deity from the Bible.
  • Though referred to as a male, Abaddon, just like Enki, Mendes, and Dread, has no true gender.
  • Abaddon was created as the way to end the human race, as every sentient species Enki comes across dies at the end of his cycle.
  • The chapter Abaddon is first seen in In Torment III is titled "Stillborn", which has double meaning. (Stillborn being a child born dead, whilst this also means that he was still born).