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Vengeance must always be profound...and absolute!
~ Barkawi

Aamir Barkawi is the main antagonist of London Has Fallen, the 2016 sequel to Olympus Has Fallen. He is an arms dealer and terrorist who is located in his hideout in Yemen, where he plans a massive attack on London with his son Kamran leading the attack to kill the world's major leaders. He wanted revenge against America for the drone attack that killed his daughter while it was targeting Barkawi.

He was portrayed by Alon Moni Aboutboul who also portrayed Dr. Leonid Pavel in The Dark Knight Rises.


Early Life

Born in Pakistan, Aamir Barkawi soon went on to become an infamous arms dealer and terrorist leader, by selling arms to every failed state in the world and was number 6 of the FBI's most wanted list for his terrorist acts, which included selling arms to those who used them against the United States. He had connections to terrorist groups, mercenaries and dummy corporations.

Barkawi was responsible for several bombings around the world in order to foster violence and instability, which would fuel his arm sales around the globe.

He had two children, Kamran Barkawi and Amal Mansoor.

London Has Fallen

At the compound in Pakistan, Barkawi was with brothers Sultan and Raza Mansoor as Kamran arrived for Amal's wedding. Kamran had to speak with his father in private. Kamran informed him that he had to kill a BND officer because the agent compromised their operation. Barkawi told his son don't forget the man's family since vengeance should be profound and absolute. During the celebration, Barkawi was with guests at the wedding party. During the celebration, a drone missile hit the site, which killed Amal, but Barkawi survived.</p>

Barkawi would discover the strike was authorized by the G8 in an attempt to kill him and he & Kamran swore vengeance on the world leaders who authorize the strike. Barkawi would pay 20 million euros to MI5 Counter-Intelligence chief John Lancaster to be his mole in their plan to attack the world leaders in London.

After their secret assassination of British Prime Minister James Wilson, Barkawi hid in Yemen while Kamran overseen their operation. He pre-recorded his message of his vengeance and their world will be changed forever.

When Barkawi arrived in his hideout, he gets on his computer and spoke to Sultan, who lost both legs in the drone strike. Sultan told Barkwai that Wilson's successor Leighton Clarkson and U.S. President Benjamin Asher surived their attack, but they took out the other world leaders in the G8. Barkawi acknowledged that they just changed the world and told Sultan to go to plan B as he closed his laptop.

After his pre-recorded video message was sent to the social media, Barkawi contacted U.S. Vice-President Allan Trumbull through an untraceable video network. He insisted to Trumbull that he had never lifted his finger against the United States, but Trumbull countered that he had armed those who have. Trumbull asked Barkawi what he wanted. Barkawi said he wants President Asher delivered to him. When Trumbull refused, Barkawi said that every death from there on out will be on his head. With that, he logged off.

Later in the night in London, Barkawi watched the live feed as Kamran was about to publicly execute Asher and he smiled about it. Just before Asher was about to be executed, U.S. Secret Service agent Mike Banning burst in and prevented the live execution.

After the failed execution, Barkawi gets a call from Kamran's phone. After taking the call, he assumed it was Kamran, but it was revealed to be Trumbull instead. The surprised and angered Barkawi said to the U.S. Vice-President that his vengeance will be everlasting and he will dedicated his entire life to his death. Trumbull told him to look at his window. Barkawi then looked up at the window above him and sees a drone launching a missile above him. Realizing he was about to get killed, Barkawi slowly puts the phone down and let out a rueful, defeated smile as the drone missile hits the compound, killing Barkawi and his men instantly.


He is a tall old man with gray hair and is about 50 years old.


  • Aamir Barkawi is an absolute hypocrite:
    • Barkawi defended that he never took any direct action in the terrorist invasion against London, England, but Trumbull counterresponds that Barkawi supplied weapons and ammunition to the terrorists who did participate.
    • Barkawi denounces American intervention in the Middle East, yet he proudly announced he was "bringing the war to (you)" referring to Trumbull.
    • Barkawi denounces the American drone attack that killed his daughter, but he sent his son Kamran to go to war by invading London and hunting down President Asher.



  • Despite being the main villain, most of the focus as the main antagonist is given to his son Kamran, as Aamir never sets foot in London and he stays at his headquarters in Yemen. Mostly he is the secondary villain in the movie.
  • He was similar to Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the James Bond movies, where he and James Bond don't interact and pursue each other. Just like in London has fallen, where he doesn't interact with Mike Banning or fight against him. That is why his son is the main antagonist Kamran in the movie.