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Vengeance must always be profound...and absolute!
~ Barkawi

Aamir Barkawi is the main antagonist of London Has Fallen, the 2016 sequel to Olympus Has Fallen. He is an arms dealer and terrorist who is located in his hideout in Yemen, where he plans a massive attack on London with his son Kamran leading the attack to kill the world's major leaders. He wanted revenge against America for the drone attack that killed his family while it was targeting Barkawi.

After the terrorist attack has been ended and the president has been saved, Aamir is contacted by Vice President Trumbull, who sends another drone strike which hits the building Barkawi is located in, this time killing the arms dealer.


Execpt being dangerous but a powerful terrorist, he is a very wanted man by the FBI services, and he is a very manipulative man.

Physical Appearance

He is a tall old man with gray hair and is about 50 years old.


  • Aamir Barkawi is an absolute hypocrite:
    • Barkawi defended that he never took any direct action in the terrorist invasion against London, England, but Trumbull counterresponds that Barkawi supplied weapons and ammunition to the terrorists who did participate.
    • Barkawi denounces American intervention in the Middle East, yet he proudly announced he was "bringing the war to (you)" referring to Trumbull.
    • Barkawi denounces the American drone attack that killed his family, but he sent his son Kamran to go to war by invading London and hunting down President Asher.


  • Despite being the main villain, most of the focus as the main antagonist is given to his son Kamran, as Aamir never sets foot in London and he stays at his headquarters in Yemen. Mostly he is the secondary villain in the movie.
  • He was similar to Ernst Stavro Blofeld in James Bond movies, where he and James Bond don't interact and pursue each other. Just like in London has fallen, where he doesn't interact with Mike Banning or fight against him. That is why his son is the main antagonist Kamran in the movie.