Hey-J! I'm AJ!
~ AJ to Markiplier

AJ, also known as Purple Guy, is a major antagonist from Five Nights at Freddy's: The Musical by RandomEncounters, based off the game by Scott Cawthon. While not inherently evil, AJ attempts to get more hours by any means, including using killer animatronics to scare competition away. He is a parody of the much more evil killer from the canon franchise.

He also made a cameo appearance in the prequel, FNAF Sister Location: The Musical.

He is played by the actor of the same name, AJ Pinkerton, a regular in RandomEncounters productions.


FNAF Sister Location: The Musical

AJ appears in the prequel as the security guard at Circus Baby's Pizza World. He stumbles upon Circus Baby during her musical number, and she tries to attack him. However, she deactivates when six A.M. arrives. AJ rushes to a phone and demands to be transferred, and Phone Guy offers him a job as the day shift at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, which he accepts.

Five Nights at Freddy's: The Musical

AJ appears at the end of the first night to take over after Markiplier's night shift. He remarks on how Mark is scheduled for four more nights before beginning his job.

On night three, after Markiplier is arrested for accidentally shooting a janitor and NateWantsToBattle takes the job, a crate arrives with Springtrap inside. Springtrap wreaks havoc until he is knocked out. In desperation, the animatronics go to Markiplier for help. He reluctantly agrees, and they all return to the restaurant to capture and stop Springtrap.

Upon capturing Springtrap, Nate is attacked by AJ, who reveals that he was behind Springtrap, who was supposed to scare the night shift away so he could have the jobs. He stresses that he meant no harm, but that Springtrap gets carried away. Mark and Nate agree to let him have their jobs, and AJ accepts.

However, Phone Guy bursts in and tells that he planned on them to turn against each other. He then kills AJ with a chainsaw before Springtrap is unleashed on him. The others escape as Phone Guy accidentally lights himself, Springtrap, and the restaurant on fire.


AJ appears as a young man with blond hair. He wears a purple hoodie, pants, and gloves at all times, even while working.




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