Ah, if only you could. But the malfunction is hidden within your skull, a difficult place to make repairs. I don't know if you've seen any brains lately, but they're hard to sort out. A CPU makes more sense.
~ 8t88
8t88 is a major character in Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. He's a Model 88 Administrative Droid who was originally tasked with maintaining an important holoscane database on Woostri and was subjected to a practical joke which altered his physical appearance. This had caused him to go rogue and seek revenge on those who had wronged him and he became an information broker during the Galactic Civil War. He was later hired by the Dark Jedi Jerec and aided him in searching for the Valley of the Jedi.  


Early Existance

8t88 was a Model 88 Administrative Droid who was constructed in 190 BBY by Uhr-Vah-Vo Techworks, a Tiss'shar manufacturing company, where he was a member of the 88 line and was designed to act as a bookkeeping and administrative droid and was eventually assigned as the leading droid in the management of the famous holoscan database on Wootsri. One day, students from the University of Coruscant had came to the database where one of them, Zokor Polpot, the Vice-Chancellor of the university, had replaced 88's head with that of a JMM assassin droid as a prank to embaress the university's chancellor. The incident pressured the chancellor to resign and 8t88 to be scarred from the event and eventually grew to loath and hate everything that was human.