Formerly a namesake by the name of Vanessa46, also known as Bird, is a notable member of The Rippers organization in the webcomic Namesake by Isabelle Melançon and Megan Lavey-Heaton. Her most notable ability is the manipulation of fire. Bird does not see well with her partner, Fish, not that she can stand the other Rippers either but that's still better than enduring the Namesakes.


Though not much is known about her or the organization she belongs, it is specifically known that she and the other Rippers are on a search for magical objects from various fairytales. Vanessa forsook the Namesakes and was taken in by 1 as a Ripper. Afer her resolution, she went as far as murdering Karen, a handicapped librarian, who was the current keeper of the magic shoes. After that, she set the library on fire, forcing everyone to evacuate and presumably burning the corpse in the process. This was the first time the two female protagonists got dragged in the affairs of Calliope and the Rippers, little did Emma knew that she would be totally absorbed shortly after.


  • Apparently, she was a Namesake for a Russian fairytale called The Firebird.