4-LOM is a robotic bounty hunter and a villain in the Star Wars series of films and franchise.

He is a special type of protical protical droid with a different type of head. He used to be sophisticated droid who served on a luxury liner. However he joined the life of bounty hunter at one point and became notorious. In one of his missions, he was sent by Darth Vader to capture Han Solo. 4-LOM is an expert gunman and assasin. He was one of the bounty hunters sent to capture the Milleniam Falcon. At one point he helped the Rebel Allience but went back to a life of being a bounty hunter. He also sometimes helps another bounty hunter named Zuckuss who uses mystical powers. He uses a W-90 concusion rifle. Strangely he has an unexpected capacity for kindness possibly from his origanal programing. Later on in his life he started to work for the crime lord Jabba the Hutt. His head resembles the insectoid people that he used to serve.