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2000 Committee

The 2000 Committee was a secret cabal whose membership included various businessmen, politicians and other community leaders that existed in the DC universe. The identities of the group's leaders remain unknown even to this day. The primary objective of the 2000 Committee was to take complete control of the United States federal government by the year 2000.

The 2000 Committee gave a criminal named Breathtaker the task of killing Firestorm (Ron Raymond), and he passed the task on to a villainess named Mindboggler. Firestorm defeated both Breathtaker and Mindboggler and handed them over to the authorities.

Mindboggler later led Firestorm to the headquarters of the Committee. The Committee was founded by corrupt industrialist Henry Hewitt, AKA Tokamak, and first appeared in Fury of Firestorm #15. Other operatives of the Committee were the Enforcers (Leroy Merkyn and Mica) and Multiplex.

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