The 13 Lords of Chaos (also called the "Chaos Lords") are a group of secondary antagonists in AdventureQuest Worlds. They work under the Champion of Chaos, Drakath. The Chaos Lords are commanded to unlock their respective Chaos Beasts in their respective locations in different ways. There exactly 13 members of this evil council of Chaos practioners, hence the name "13 Lords of Chaos" (also in full, "13 Chaos Lords").

  • The first Lord of Chaos is Escherion, a battlemage who wields the Staff of Inversion. He attacked Chiral Valley by twisting everything, flipping it upside-down and turning it inside-out with his staff itself, and used the Runix Cube to free the Lake Hydra.
  • The second Lords of Chaos are the Chaos Twins, Xing & Xang/Xiang. They are the most prominent of the 13 Chaos Lords, and are currently at Drakath's side. They spend their time turning people to the side of Chaos with their manipulative words. It's later revealed in the Bloodtusk Ravine saga that Drakath switched the place of the main world's good Xang with the Mirror Realm's evil Xang.
  • The third Lord of Chaos is Vath, a Drow Chaos Dragonlord who uses the Chaos Dragon Amulet and the Legendary Sword of Dragon Control to control the mighty Chaos Dragon, Stalagbite. He invaded Dwarfhold and enslaved the Dwarves into forging enough Chaos Gemeralds for him to use to hatch the Rock Roc.
  • The fourth lord of Chaos is Kitsune, an anthromorphic fox hailing from Yokai Island who became a Chaos Shogun after making a pact with Drakath. Angered by Emperor Daisho's welcoming of outsiders to Yokai, he convinced the other Yokai to join him in claiming the island for all Yokai. He stole the Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade and used it to free the O-dokuro from the Rift of Time.
  • The fifth Lord of Chaos is Wolfwing, a Werepyre living in Darkovia who was lonely and outcasted by both Vampires and Lycans alike. After joining forces with Drakath, he began Chaorrupting Vampires and Lycans and even turning them into Werepyres like himself, aiming to build his own clan so that he would never be alone again. He had some of his Werepyres capture a dragon so he could bite it under the night of the Mystic Wolf Moon and turn it into a Dracowerepyre.
  • The sixth Lord of Chaos is Kimberly Freeman of One-Eyed Doll, who became a Chaos Lord after Drakath sung a Chaos tune that got stuck in her ears and began controlling her actions. She hypnotized several residents of Mythsong Canyon with her music and mind-controlled them into attacking other residents of the canyon, among them famous musician Discordia, whom she used as her proxy and made look like the sixth Lord of Chaos, and even created a fan club of Music Pirates. She sent the AQW heroes back in time to fight her miniature dinosaur which was then enlarged, Pony Gary Yellow.
  • The seventh Lord of Chaos is Ledgermayne, a being made of magic that was immune to almost all attacks in the physical world. Despite the female body build, Ledgermayne is actually genderless, and speaks in a robotic fashion, referring to itself as "we" or as "this form". Ledgermayne caused several problems with magic and planned to seal off all magic from the world forever, therefore resulting in the world's death. The only way to defeat Ledgermayne was to reassemble the Supreme Arcane Staff, which Ledgermayne knew right away and therefore attempted to stop the AQW heroes from completing the staff and even shattered the Chaos Focus Gem, the last part of the staff, in an attempt to dissuade them from completing the staff itself. It later freed the Mana Golem from its prison in the para-elemental plane of magic, which Drakath initially wanted to use for his own purposes.
  • The eighth Lord of Chaos is Tibicenas, a Ghul from the Djinn world who tried to become as powerful as the Efreet by playing with Chaos magic. The Efreet caught him and cast him out of the Djinn world, and thus Tibicenas planned to get revenge for all the years he spent as an outcast by using Zahart as his master, who controlled him with a Chaorrupted magic ring given to him by Drakath until the ring was destroyed by Zhoom. Tibicenas was responsible for the sandstorm that revealed the oasis community to be just part of a much larger town that was once completely covered by the sands and forgotten by the residents. He and Zahart used the Heart of the Sphinx, a red diamond provided by one of their slaves, to animate the Chaos Sphinx.
  • The ninth Lord of Chaos is Krellenos, a Troll Prophet who was selected by Drakath to cause mischief and Chaorruption in Bloodtusk Ravine. He Chaorrupted many animals and even Chaorrupted his own younger brother Antiphuus, therefore becoming responsible for Antiphuus' murder. He later tapped into the power of the heart of an ancient temple and used an Arashtite ore to turn a random Serpentress into the Gruaige Baas. Krellenos was later killed and usurped by his sister Khasaanda, who planned to use her powers that she got from usurping him to get revenge on Drakath for the Chaorruption and death of her brothers.
  • The tenth Lord of Chaos is Professor Iadoa, a Chaorrupted Chronomancer who first appeared to try to ruin the 2011-2012 New Year's celebration by using his Chaos powers to stop time itself. He later reappears in the Span, running the recreated city of Tibattleonia and serving to be the hero's guide before becoming a full-fledged Chaos Lord himself, that which he knows will happen to him eventually. The defeat of Carnax, Fluffy and the Dragonoid later allows Kathool Atchoo to be awakened by his power.
  • The eleventh Lord of Chaos is Maximilian Lionfang, a general who was a loyal knight on King Alteon's guard. Lionfang was blind to the fact that Drakath was the current threat to Lore and therefore didn't approve of the truce between Good and Evil. He kidnapped various heroes of Lore and planned to have his Golden Onslaught slaughter everything and everyone that was affiliated with Evil. After his initial defeat, he was approached by Xing & Xang, who turned him to the side of Chaos. He has a brother named Xavier Lionfang, and he also appears in the Frostval events. He later Chaorrupted the Chaos Manticore.
  • The twelfth Lord of Chaos is King Alteon himself. Before awakening with such a position, Alteon had been battling to fight the Chaos that was growing within him ever since Drakath interrupted his duel with Sepulchure and mortally wounded the King while destroying Sepulchure. Eventually, he ultimately awakened as a Chaos Lord during the wedding of Lord Brentan and Princess Brittany. He used his chaotic powers to transform the dragon statue in the center of his castle courtyard into the Chaos Dragon.
  • The thirteenth Lord of Chaos is The Hero, the protagonist who is on a quest to stop Drakath only to end up as The 13th Chaos Lord.


  • Each Chaos Lord released to be battled so far has a chance of dropping different items, including their armor, upon being defeated in-game.
  • Neither Ledgermayne nor Khasaanda nor King Alteon were loyal to Drakath.
  • The 13 Lords of Chaos have Order Counterparts living in the Mirror Realm known as the Lords of Order. All of the Lords of Order are loyal to their friend, Mirror Drakath, the Champion of Order.
  • The only known female Chaos Lords are Xing & Xang/Xiang, Kimberly Freeman, Khasaanda and the Female Hero.