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107 is a villain from the Marvel universe who fought the New Warriors.


107 was a runaway that was taken in by the Adrenamix Corporation. Adrenamix used their prisoners for psionic experiments. The test subjects usually got superhuman abilities as a result of these experiments. 107 developed superhuman strength, size and durability. President Anderson Gaulthing called the experiments the "Psigns of the Times". His own daughter was also one of the Psigns. Alison Gaulthing managed to escape from the Adrenamic facility and the other Psigns were sent to take her back. They chased her across a rooftop and Alison died while trying to evade capture. 107 and the other Psigns feared they would be blamed for her death. Justice investigated the Adrenamix activities and fought against the Psigns. 107 tried to ram him, but Justice deflected the attack without much effort.