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07 MS Team are rivals to the 08 MS Team. They appear in 08th MS Team

They laugh at the 08th MS Team and they always betted that the 08th team will get killed. When Shiro was susptected to be a spy, the 07th team acted like jerks and laugh when the jungle gueraillas were attack by Zeon. The 08th team started a fight with them. Later, the 07th team were on a mission to locate the Zeon base that is under ground. Captain Isan Ryer use them to have their mobile suits exploded to destroy the base.

The entire 07 Team were killed in battle.


  • Sally (deceased)
  • Mike (deceased)
  • Anish Lofman (deceased)
  • Larry Radley (deceased)


The number 7 supposed to be the lucky number, but they weren't lucky to survive the war. The team are KIA.

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