Terroranchula pose

Terroranchula is the Nemitrex's DNA sample of a Terroranchula from an unknown planet. Terroranchula is the predatory species of Ball Weevil's species.


Terroranchula looks like a giant spider with four sharp legs and red eyes and a yeti-like white colored pattern with two antennas on the top of its head and giant teeth. Hypnotick wears a red spiked collar with the Nemitrex on it.

Powers and Abilities

Terroranchula can squeeze through tiny spaces by altering its size at will. Terroranchula's four spider legs can be used as a sharp pincer to catch something or pick something up singlehandedly. Terroranchula can create large webs that can be used to neutralize Ball Weevil's goo.


Terroranchula's webs can be neutralized by Feedback. Also, Terroranchula's intense hearing leaves it venerable against high-pitched noises.



  • In Showdown:Part 1:
    • Terroranchula attacked Ball Weevil before changing into Hypnotick when Ball Weevil changed into Big Chill


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