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The Ōmu Yummy are a series of cockatoo Yummy created by a being identical to Ankh, able to use fire-based attacks. The first of these is a Blue Ōmu Yummy created through the desire of boxer Kazuki Okamura, portrayed by Hiroaki Fukui) to enter the ring once more. To do so, the Blue Ōmu Yummy attacks strong armed men and petrifies their arms to heal Okamura of his medical condition. The Blue Ōmu Yummy is also charged with the task of taking Ankh's Core Medals. He initially manages to overpower both of the Kamen Riders, but Kamen Rider Birth uses the Birth Day armor to immobilize the blue Ōmu Yummy such that Kamen Rider OOO Shauta Combo can land the final blow.

A Red Ōmu Yummy later appears to continue the task of retrieving Ankh's Core Medals, only to be destroyed by Kamen Rider OOO Shauta Combo.

A Red Ōmu Yummy appears as part of the Akumaizer's Monster Army, composed of revived Dopants, Yummy, Zodiarts, and Phantoms that were defeated by the Kamen Riders.

Ōmu Galley

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