'Macho' Marty Benedictine is the main antagonist of the 1987 film Dirty Laundry.

He is portrayed by Frankie Valli.

He is mobster who's money was switched for a bag of dirty clothes of a young boy named Jay. He orders his sidekick to find the guy and get the money back.


'Macho' Marty Benedictine is a drug dealer who has been investigated by the police for his crime. He owns a mansion and a helicopter in Los Angeles.


'Macho" Marty Benedictine is first seen in his mansion when he finds a bag of dirty laundry instead of money. He infuriates and orders Vito to find the "funny guy" and gets his money back. 

He later attends at the Ricky Savoy where Jay has his backstage spot. Where Vito started shooting at Jay along with a girl named Trish. Luckily, they go to a morgue and found out that Marty was a big drud dealer and wonder why is he doing in L.A. 

Later in the climax, a boy named Oscar was kidnapped by Vito, whom they follow him to the mansion thus served as a trap. Jay and Trish are taken inside by gunmen. Therefore, Marty orders them to blow them away up in the hills. They escape and are pursued.

Marty is then confronted by the FBI.