Colossal craig
"Colossal" Craig was an enemy of Captain America.


"Colossal" Craig broke out of jail, His escape made it to the papers, and Captain America was after him. The next afternoon Craig crashed into a street lamp with his car in front of an elementary school. He took two boys as hostages and carried them back into their school while threatening them with a gun and telling Cap to back off. Inside the empty school Craig hid with the boys in a classroom and shot through a window when he saw Cap's colors, but it was only a flag. Cap broke through the other window, disarmed Craig with his shield and attacked him. Craig struck back and tried to smash Cap with the teacher's desk. Cap was able to avoid the attack, but Craig tried the same with a chair. This time Cap used a duster to blind Craig. A few hard hits to the body failed, and Craig used a bearhug against Cap who freed himself with a clap of the ears. Cap started his comeback with a fire extinguisher to further cool down Craig, but the colossal one headed for his gun. Cap reached the gun earlier and tossed it away. Cap then used kicks and punches to knock out Craig for good.