Aaaaeh... Thet ves a gut nep. Bjørn feels murch better. Noo, vhere is Rodolfo? No ven hides frem mee. Oo, vell... I seppoose I could uoose yoo es an appeteeser.
~ "Bjørn" the Behemoose


Bjørn the Behemoose
is a boss from Dragon Quest V. "The Monster Mountain" is a malevolent gargantuan beast imprisoned within a jar by the Briscoletti Family ages ago. When the seal breaks loose he immediately goes after the town of Mostroferrato, intending to take revenge on the last descendant of the Briscolettis. Rodrigo Briscoletti calls upon the hero to keep watch while he prepares to fight the beast, but Bjørn arrives before so the hero fights and defeat him by himself before he can cause more damage. He drops the Ultimate Key when defeated, which can open all important doors in the game.

He's one of the hardest bosses in the game and it's easily one of the largest monsters in the franchise with Orochi, Rigor Mortex, Rhapthorne and other new monsters introduced in the newer Dragon Quest Monsters games.

Other appearances

  • In Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, Bjorn has the title of Idol of Iceolation. While Baby Bjorn will appear in the main storyline as a boss, Bjorn itself won't appear until post-game and it can be found storming the lands again. It's an B-Rank three-space monster of the Beast Family and it's recruited at level 5. Its regular attack is to punch twice. Its baby fondly uses Donk, and the main monster can use the powerful Scorch.
  • Velasco revived and had the humongous monster at his disposal in Dragon Quest Heroes.


  • Bjørn means "bear" in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.



Dragon Quest Hand of the Heavenly Bride 97 Boss Bjorn the Behemoose14:35

Dragon Quest Hand of the Heavenly Bride 97 Boss Bjorn the Behemoose

Bjorn is revived