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PE Proposal: Georg Zalbard

Time to do another EP and this time? Is from a video game

[++'''What's the Work'''++]

So, the work name is ''Shining Resonance Refrain''. A game by Sega which is an updated re-release of a game called Shining Resonance. The story at first focuses on the Astoria army that tries to free some captive in a place known as the Gaelritz Prison. However, the story focuses on one of the Gaelritz Prisoner's captive, Yuma Ilvern, who is the vessel of an entity known as the Shining Dragon. 

As the dragons were thought to be extinct due to the first catastrophe that happen, Yuma was taken as a captive by Lombardian Empire as a result. Fortunately, the Astorian army and it's leader, the Princess of Astoria Sonia Blanche and her elf companion from Wellant, Kirika Towa Alma, saved Yuma from trouble and originally they were stopped by the princess of the Lombardian Empire, Excella Noa Aura, but the three heroes manage to escape from her clutches and as a result, Sonia then asks Yuma to join their side so that they could save Astoria from the Empire's dominion. 

Originally, Yuma was really scared when trying to release his true power because of the Dark And Troubled Past he experienced. However, as the time went by, he is capable to control the power of the Shining Dragon and tries at his best to save Astoria from the Empire's clutches with Sonia, Kirika, Kirika's elf servant Rinna Mayfield, A fiery man who has a huge BigBrotherInstinct towards Yuma, Agnum Bulletheart, the youth who was originally one of the Empire's puppets, Marion le Shiella and lastly Kirika's stern but kind brother, Lestin Sera Alma.

Now, our candidate in question is not Excella. She doesn't due to tons of the mitigating qualities that she had and falls short in heinousness. However, the candidate in question that I want to bring is TheDragon towards Excella and is the captain of Beowulf, Georg Zalbard.

[++'''Who is He/What Has He Done'''++]

Alright, so Zalbard here is actually the Captain of the group of knight known as "Beowulf" which is a group that pleads their loyalty to the Sanguine Church of Lombardia. Zalbard? Is a seemingly sane man towards his subordinates at Beowulf at first and is also loyal towards Princess Excella. However, it turns out he had a Hidden Agenda by sending one of his spies, a dark elf named Beatrice Irma, so that she could spy on Excella to saw her movements. Unfortunately, Excella knows what Georg was up to something that doesn't lining up towards her wishes however she doesn't realize the full depths on what Georg was planning and as a result, she then sent Beatrice again for spying on him.

In the last parts of the gamem after Excella performs a negotiation towards the main heroes in order to save her father from an illness that plagues him, Georg's facade comes into slip and it was revealed that he betray Excella by killing her father and then tries to incriminate her as a traitor of the Lombardian Empire. He then summons a dragon named Caliburn with his new sword called Gjallahorn to kill Excella and the heroes who stood on his way and it was revealed that he conspired with a scientist of the Beowulf named Joachim Reubens to do something sinister.

See, here's the thing about the Sanguine Church that Georg was devoted to: It was revealed that they were the worshipper of the EvilGod known as Deus and they, including Georg and Joachim, spends so many time to revive Deus. Here's the thing about Deus, it was revealed that he is the source of the first apocalypse and Georg willingly tries to cause that to happen with the intention of cleansing the heretics and the weaker people and leave the people who are worthy to inherit the power of Deus including him. 

Despite his cooperation with Joachim, it doesn't long last considered the latter found another lieutenant of Beowulf called Zest Graham to be the worthiest person to achieve Deus' power. Furious, Georg and Joachim bickering against each other to the point that he called Georg a heretic. In anger, Georg then kills Joachim out of spite and tries to revive Deus all for himself.

After the heroes defeated Zest in Sleepy Hollow, Georg then comes in with the Gjallahorn and stabs and drains Yuma's shining dragon power in order to revive Deus. This happens before when Beatrice and the three dragons that Excella had tries to protect her against Georg which resulted in utter loss for Excella. Fortunately, even if Yuma got stabbed, he is still alive and went into a coma. Fortunately, Kirika and Excella came to rescue by performing a song that woke him up. In the place where Deus was sealed, Georg was stopped by a Wandering Hero called Jinas Aeon at first. But due to Georg's immense power, Jinas can't fight against him and defeated as a result. However, Jinas then gave the power to Yuma so that he and his companions could defeat Georg once and for all. After the intense final fight to the point that it requires the power of the Shining Dragon to defeat Georg, Georg was fortunately stopped by Yuma and his companions, killing the mad disciple once and for all and prevent the second apocalypse to happen.

[++'''Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors'''++]

Zilch with Georg there. Dude was originally putting an affable facade towards the Princess at first but in the end of the day, it was just well, a facade. And his devotion on Deus doesn't strike as mitigating to me as in the end of the day, he was just a madman who is obsessed with power and tries to purge the weaker people and the heretics and only leave the chosen ones just like him (And even then, he rarely has some interactions with the Sanguine Church members at best and become murderous towards them at worst--Case in point with Joachim's incident--if he doesn't get what he wants). Also, his relationship with Jinas? Nothing mitigating as it is pragmatic at best and he has no hesitation to kill Jinas when he's trying to stop his plans. You can also tell that he doesn't really care about Excella once he said that he doesn't care that much about the civil war that will happen in Lombardia so yeah... In the end, I think he doesn't have any mitigating qualities left on his bone.

[++'''Heinous Standard'''++]

Well, here's where it gets a little bit tricky. So Sanguine Church is also responsible of other atrocities such as scouring other village and tries to do some breeding campaign (Thank god its offscreen though) so that they could found the true inheritor of Deus (While this was offscreen, it was told vividly from Zest point of view regarding some of the Sanguine Church soldiers murdered his family and friends) and it was revealed that Deus itself was a machine created by the High Elf without relying on the rune songs which accidentally causes the first apocalypse to happen. 

Another person who also contribute to the heinous standard is Joachim, and surprisingly, Yuma and Jinas. Joachim conducts some awful experiments and case in point, one of his experiment is that he tries to brainwash a children becoming his tykebomb to kill the heroes and had some sick enjoyment on it, and Yuma and Jinas accidentally decimated their village when they tried to use the power of the Shining Dragon and the latter doesn't mind if Deus got resurrected and tries to help Georg with it. But here's the thing, both Yuma and Jinas regretted on what they had done especially the latter who only wants to see Deus getting revived so that he could defeat it to atone for his sins and has no intentions to cause the apocalypse to happen again unlike Georg and Jinas even said that even the world needs to be saved from harm at the end of the day.

However, I think Georg leaps the heinous standard pretty easily as he willingly tries to cause the second apocalypse to happen, betray Excella once the chips are down, killing Joachim out of pettiness after he got called a heretic due to refusing to saw Zest as the true inheritor of Deus, causing Yuma to fell into coma after draining some of the Shining Dragon powers... Yeah, I think he just meets it.

[++'''Final Verdict'''++]

A pretty basic keeper. Says I.

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Nerdy Awards: Best Action/Adventure Movie of 2018

Is the one you'd pick one you don't see? Comment to place your vote!

What do YOU think is the best action/adventure film of 2018?
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout
  • Deadpool 2
  • Incredibles 2
  • Black Panther
  • Aquaman
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp
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FANDOM 100: Most-Searched Villains of 2018

We used the Villains Community to put together the Top 100 most-searched villains of 2018! What do you think!
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Are there any character interperations of Satan who actually are PE?

I know that Satan was once an angel who chose to oppose God and therefore became the opposite.

But since Satan is often portrayed as the creator of evil, and therefore meant to be evil, such characters rarely counts as Pure Evil as satan literally is meant to be evil and not by choice (like PE villains are).

But there are always exceptions I guess, so do you guys know any such villains?
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PE Proposal:Ruber

Who is He? What Has He Done?

Sir Ruber (simply known as Ruber) is the main antagonist of Warner Brothers' 1998 animated feature film Quest for Camelot. 

He killed Sir Lionel,Tried to Kill Kayley,Arthur, and Garret.He will do anything to obtain the sword,presumably even killing children if he wants to ,has no tragedy in him,shown no remorse towards anybody,very insane,only cares about himself.

Heinous Standard

Attemped Murder

Animal Abuser

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Merging Possessor and Brainwasher

According to the "No New Categories" rule the Possessed and Brainwashed categories were merged into one: Possessed/Brainwashed. However, while I was looking over categories, I saw that Possessor and Brainwasher weren't merged. Why?

Merge them?
  • Yes.
  • No.
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The Nerdy Awards: Best Horror Film of 2018

  • The Nun
  • A Quiet Place
  • Venom
  • Insidious: The Last Key
  • Hereditary
  • Halloween
  • The Predator
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Foreign Villains

Villains from hispanic media?

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You dont own me
Harley Quinn, You don't own me (Suicide Squad)
Harley Quinn, You don't own me (Suicide Squad) YouTube
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Harley Quinn fan art

This tock me sooooo longgggg so i hope you like it
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Harley Quinn is the best

This is how much i love harley Quinn
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I nominate one of the Seven Darkness Lances from Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger: Sandaru for the Pure Evil category


Who is Sandaru?

The shark-headed military commander of Jakanja, Sandaru is Tau Zant's most powerful and ruthless warrior known for his brutal scorched earth tactics, Sandaru is known for destroying worlds for Tau Zant, arriving to obliterate all there before moving to the next. When recalled to earth? Sandaru begins to utilize more brutal tactics for Janakja. He convinces the other Dark Lancers to fight with him, as one together...only to trick his fellow Dark Lancer Sargain into assisting him in one scheme to do more damage and then murders him in secret. Sandaru is then shown leading increasingly brutal attacks, not caring if he catches civilians. The Hurricengers ally up with the Shurikenger school, which is led by Kagura, AKA: Lady Gozen. Sandaru? Eventually murders her to steal a magic jewel that keeps her alive.

When sataraku of the Seven Lancers is tricked by Tau Zant, Sandaru realizes he's only a pawn to his boss, which frustrates he instead goes to stymie Tau Zant's plan, by trying to murder Sataraku and then kill the Hurricengers. Escaping, he later returns to backstab Tau Zant and murders him before trying to hijack the Evil Force himself, murder the remaining Jakanja Lancers and kill the universe to become a God before he's destroyed as well.

Mitigating Qualities?

Zip. Sandaru really sticks out as he's just as nasty as Tau Zant (who's already listed). He's mentioned to have destroyed lots of worlds which he tries to replicate with earth, he's a remorseless murderer and happily slaughters his own side, even backstabbing his boss at the end to equal Tau Zant's own attempted bodycount. He does at one point express rage at Tau Zant that "we're just tools to you!" but this...isn't moral standard. He's angry he himself is being used as a pawn because of his ego.


I'd say keep Sandaru, especially seeing as his much less horrific Amercan counterpart Vexacus is already listed.

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I'd like to propose Crime Minister Yogoshimacritein for a PE approval.

About this work...

Engine Sentai Go-Onger is the 32nd entry of Super Sentai franchise and the Japanese basis for its American counterpart, Power Rangers RPM. The story is about a group of Sentai Team known as Engine Sentai Go-Onger, allied with a race of machine known as Engines from the Machine World, one of the eleven worlds known as Braneworlds in the series (including Earth which is known as Human World in-series). Their aim is to fight against the invasion of the evil Banki Clan Gairak , a villainous group of robots from the Machine World aimed on polluting and dominating the Human World.

About this villain...

Yogoshimacritein, the Prime Minister of Gairak and the main antagonist of Engine Sentai Go-Onger, shows up only in the final arc but carves a dark mark on this overall comedic series. Go-Onger is a rather comical and kid-friendly segment in Super Sentai franchise, but some serious villain like Yogoshimacritein definitely changed everything when he showed up.

Standards? Stands out. Out of every Sentai Villains, nearly all of the villains in Engine Sentai Go-Onger are comical and kid-appealing villains like those from the children's show, but Yogoshimacritein is the only one with no such comical qualities and is 100% serious.

Moral Event Horizon? He crossed it, THREE times.

First, genocide and world domination - not just the Human World, but other Braneworlds. He is the mastermind behind the destruction of three Braneworlds - the Sound World, the Prism World and the Magic World - during the final arc. He was also behind the near-extinction of Gian Clan of Engines. All he wanted was to oppress all the eleven Braneworlds under his iron fists.

Second, inducing Despair Event Horizon. By starting a technique known as the Justice Dissolution, Yogoshimacritein banished four of the seven Go-Ongers (including Go-On Wings) into another dimension, leaving the three founding members of their team in disarray and despair, before landing his attack upon them and Human World without qualm.

Third, using his companions as tools. Nearly every other mebers from Banki Clan Gairak, including the three Pollution Ministers are friendly towards their minions and companions, like how Yogostein treated his right-hand, Hiramechimedes, as his brother.

However, Yogoshimacritein is the only Gairak leader who mistreats his minions, not just badly. In the final battle, he uses his remaining Pollution Ministers as suicidal puppets against the remaining Go-Onger about thrice, driving them against him and died in helping Go-Onger to destroy the energy support of Justice Dissolution.

If these aren't bad enough, Yogoshimacritein even heartlessly dismisses the death of his own son, Yogostein, as failure, showing no intention to avenge or even mourn him whatsoever. In constrast, Yogostein mourned Hiramechimedes for several days before pulling himself together.

Mitigating Qualities? None. He uses and abuses Kegalesia and Kitaneidas again and again with no compassion or remorse, even calling Yogostein as stupid right in front of them. Whenever his plans go, city-wide destructions shall follow. The early Barbaric Machines only caused some segment damage, but the Crime Minister definitely turned everything to the worst, and he believes he is doing what he should do.

Result? Yes. Even with the examples of Long, Brajirah, Agent Abrella, Radiguet, Ginis and Basco, Yogostein still stands out as one of the most heinous villains in the Super Sentai franchise.

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My first profile

I'm going to create my first profile (Jorge Meconio), and i would like to know how i can improve, since english is not my first language, and i'm very inexperienced in these kind of things ;)

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Announcing the Nerdy Awards!

Hello editors, administrators, and users of the Villains Wiki! You might know me as NerdWithAKeyboard. This year, I'm going to be doing something very special, and it involves YOU! I hereby announce the first annual Nerdy Awards!

What are the Nerdy awards? The Nerdy Awards are going to be a series of polls that will run from now until the 24th of December. These polls will be for categories based from movies that have come out in 2018, and will have YOU vote on what you think should win! (It's basically the Academy Awards, but more fun and not as political).

The types of categories that will be included are:

Best Action/Adventure Film

Best Horror Film

Best Music from a Film

Best Hero from a Film

Best Villain from a Film

and, of course, Best Film of 2018.

Everyone will get their chance to vote on a series of polls until they close on December 24. Then, on December 31, the Nerdy Awards will be officially posted/held in a blog post by yours truly! I can't wait to hear your voice and hand out some Nerdies, because the first polling begins soon!

Come join the fun and see if your picks win the Nerdy Awards!

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Touchstone Villains template

Can any of you guys list any villains who come from any touchstone related movie? This includes the Dreamworks and Miramax movies that Touchstone co-distributed. I am currently making a touchstone villains template, keep in mind some of these characters do cross over with the Disney villains template since films like WFRR, TNBC and THGTTG are generally considered to be pure Disney as well as Touchstone.

These are the characters I have so far

[[Judge Doom]] |

[[Toon Patrol]] ([[Smarty]], [[Greasy]], [[Psycho (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)|Psycho]], [[Wheezy]] & [[Stupid]]) |

[[Philip Stuckey]] |

[[Oogie Boogie]] |

[[Lock, Shock and Barrel]] |

[[Bill Cutting]] |

[[Zaphod Beeblebrox]] |

[[Frankie & Benjy]] |

[[Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz]] |

[[Vogons]] |

[[Humma Kavula]] |

[[Gag Halfrunt]] |

[[Gene Carson]] |

[[Hilly Holbrook]] |

[[Jerry Dandridge]] |

[[Evil Ed]] |

[[Roland (Strange Magic)|Roland]] |

[[Bog King]]

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Anti-Villains CANNOT be Redeemed

Honestly being here for a couple months I have seen TOO many pages that have the categories "Anti-Villain" and "Redeemed", such as the page Peter Pan (Peter Pan), and an anti-villain HAS to be always walking the line, such as an On & Off villain.

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• 12/5/2018
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